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5SOS Hershey -July 6th

who remembers this

yo! I got tickets this morning!

I met one direction 

Hey everyone, I know it’s been a very long time and I dont know if I even have any more active followers on this blog but, I needed to come on here and reminisce a little because I’m………….meeting………….the boys……….tomorrow…. aka July 6th. After 400+ days its finally here and i cant believe it and its finally hitting me and i cant stop crying ah. I’ll pull it together in front of them though i promise. 

okay i dont really care if nobody reads this im just feeling really nostalgic about the boys and I need to get it out. I’ll post my M&G picture on here when i get it:)

See you all on the flip side


But this is so cute!!!!!!


I don’t care fi people unfollow me for this